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Episode 22: Legendary Rocker Frank Dimino

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     In classic rock circles if the right ears overhear you talking about the band Angel, or its front man Frank Dimino, heads will most likely turn. If you watched Dick Clark's American Bandstand religiously you probably saw Angel all dressed in their signature white outfits performing one of their hits. If you dig Zappa then you know "Punky's Whips": the song that satirically immortalizes Angel and its guitarist Punky Meadows in the hallowed halls of the Frank Zappa library.

      But if you dove deep into a love of the heavier side of rock music of the late 70's, then you probably pressed your headphones close to your ears to get lost in songs like "The Tower", "White Lightning" and "Feelin' Right", not to mention the dozens of other fan favorites from this legendary and quite influential rock band. Though never really winning the commercial success it so much deserved, Angel, with its core members Punky Meadows, Mickie Jones, Gregg Giuffria, Barry Brandt and lead vocalist Frank Dimino did win the respect and admiration of musicians and die-hard fans the world over, and almost single-handedly ushered in the new breed of heavy metal hair bands that dominated the 80's.

     An alumni of Boston's Berklee College of Music, Frank Dimino parlayed his education, a dynamic stage pressence and powerful vocal ability into a career that most musicians could only imagine. With his trademark suspenders and white microphone stand, Frank had record deals with major labels, was mobbed like a Beatle in Japan, and earned several album and song writing credits spanning decades. After Angel Frank gained commercial success writing and performing in television and feature films such as "Foxes" with Jody Foster and the iconic 80's dance movie "Flashdance".

      Frank currently teaches vocal lessons and mentors up-an-coming performers via his company Dimino Enterprises. But above all, Frank DiMino is a solid old-school rock star most at home on a stage, big or small. Though much of the glam-rock fanfare has passed, Frank is still hard at it working stages throughout Las Vegas with other veteran rockers. He can be found performing occasionally with various bands including The Sin City Sinners but works mostly with his own band Vinyl Tattoo, featuring Stryper guitarist Oz Fox. Hold your lighters up high! Episode 22 is legendary rocker Frank Dimino.