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There's this funny and magic little word we all use that binds us together in some weird and wonderful kinship, A word that evokes a fraternity of hustlers, artists and attention seekers. When cast in green-room conversations the word "gig" triggers the story-teller within us. Perhaps it's the same with everybody but folks who gig a lot come chambered with the best and craziest tales ever. Performers have the most obscure observations and muse on some of the of wildest adventures that are just too good to be wasted entierly back stage.
So join me if you will as I interview some of the people I've met and continue to meet along my gig path. And please indulge me if you will as I plan to make you laugh along the way with my own special brand of comedy. You see I've met so many amazing people along the way who you will never get a chance to meet unless I bring them to life with my voices and imagination. I hope you get to know and like these original characters because they are based on actual people who made my life so rich. And though they live only in my brain now I still like gigin' with them from time to time.
I truly hope you enjoy The Big Gig Show. Please leave me your comments and feedback. I will try to respond to everybody and feel free to contact me if you'd like to be on the show. I'd love have you.
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Now let's get gigin!