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Episode 5: Drummer Jon Wells

How many people can say they went form admiring a legendary band from a far to playing in that very band some years later. Black Oak Arkansas was a favorite band of a younger Jon Wells growing up in Memphis. Early on Jon marveled at the showmanship of Black Oak's front man Jim "Dandy" Mandrum. But after several years of performing on the road with Jim Dandy's Black Oak, and rubbing elbows with many other of his other rock heroes, Jon had had enough of the chliche trappings of a road-dog rockstar lifestyle and had to move on and away from it. He eventually landed in the cover band circuit in Las Vegas where he and I were paired up in a cover band. It's my pleasure to introduce you to my friend, Jon. I think you'll enjoy his colorful rock n' roll story. Episode 5 is drummer Jon Wells.

UPDATE: Jon Wells is a fantastic drummer with a spot-on meter and impressive resume. But more importantly, Jon is a beautiful human being. Kind, funny, and loyal. At the time of this recording Jon is struggling to find work in the Las Vegas as a percussionist. Take it from me as a gigging musician who has worked extensively with Jon Wells, hire this bad-ass mother fucker. Your band, show, or lounge act will benefit greatly from his presence. Let's get him working again soon Big Giggers!