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Episode 9: Song & Dance Man, Comedian, Actor, Impressionist Peter Pavone

Pter Pavone

Most people with multiple personality disorder suffer from it. Peter Pavone has learned to profit from it. When he's not performing throughout Las Vegas an beyond in a Rat Pack show as Fank Sinatra or Joey Bishop, you might find Peter pointing his acoustic guitar like a gun as Johnny Cash. You might even see him wandering around on election night as Abraham Lincoln or popping up at a convention podium somewhere cracking wise as a hired gun MC.

Song and dance man, standup comedian, actor, impressionist, Peter Pavone is truly an "old school" entertainer at the height of his powers. His chameleon-like ability to transform into an artist is remarkable. But it's the part of himself that he brings to each performance that makes him a unique threat. Peter has been training for a career as an entertainer his entire life and draws from his rich background effortlessly and that is what sets him apart from other perfromers of his calibur.

His talents and abilities have taken him all over the world and his determination to make a living as an entertainer no matter what is inspiring. Peter is a funny, talented and likeable guy with a great story that in many ways has just begun. It was my pleasure to spend time with this fantastic performer. Ladies and gentlemen, Episode 9 is the great Peter Pavone.