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Episode 10: Show Girl/Entertainer Gabriella Versace

Clearly the best term to describe Gabriella Versace is show girl. Though she's worn many hats in the industry, show girl pretty much sums her up. This girl is all about the show. Though Papa Vito had architectural designs for his daughter, little G drafted a few plans of her own.  

Dance and song were what she was all about. Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand got their hooks in early and set Gabriella on a path that led to a rich career singing and dancing on the stages of Atlantic City, Disney Cruise Lines and eventually to her goal as lead performer in a Las Vegas show.

Talented, sexy, humble and generous with a glittering flamboyant fashion sense, G to the V is a Vegas doll who has trained her entire life for a career as a show girl and does not disappoint. Ladies and gentleman, raise your glasses, throw confetti from the balcony and please, no autographs till after the show, Gabriella Versace is Episode 10.