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Episode 11: Drummer James Sloan

If you follow the Yellow Brick Road, take a left on Bass Street then hang a right on Keyboard Ave. You're in drummer town, baby, James Sloans' hood. It's ok, you can pay attention to that man behind the cymbals. 
For more than a decade James has been granting classic rock wishes from his throne behind the drums in what is undeniably the greatest classic rock cover band in Las Vegas: Yellow Brick Road. 
James flew over the rainbow to Las Vegas several years ago from Big Sky Country. He quickly landed a job that flew him over yet another rainbow to Greece for a stint performing in a Vegas based variety act only to return to Vegas to performed in various shows throughout the valley over the years.
There's no place like home for James, and home for James is behind the drums. If you're in a band and ever find yourself standing before the Wizard, screw all that courage, heart and brains stuff, wish for a drummer like James. Solid, dependable and so easy to get along with.
Ladies and gents, Episode 11 is drummer James Sloan.