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Episode 13: Radio Personality, Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter "Sweet" Al Miller

Sweet Al Miller


If you're a fan of hard rock music and spend any time in Las Vegas you will stumble across the valley's most popular hard rock radio station KOMP 92.3, The Rock Station. And if you're able to get up early enough (or if you never sleep, this is Vegas after all) your ears and funny bone will most likely run into KOMP's hilarious morning show with Craig, Al and Andy featuring Sweet Al Miller, as he is more commonly known. But there's so much more to Sweet Al than what you hear on the morning show. A well versed songwriter, singer and guitarist, Sweet Al and his dynamic hard-hitting band 333 has been tearing it up on rock stages for over a decade opening at times for top bands such as Three Doors Down, Puddle of Mud, Tesla, Vince Neil and most recently Guns & Roses.
Though Sweet Al composes from the heavy guitar perspective with haunting melodies and darker powerful chord structures, the messages he carries are much lighter and uplifting, though far more spiritual than religious. "If I'm gonna go ahead and write something it's gotta mean something to me." says Miller. Not one to follow suit with the trappings of lavish glamour and LA-ish based party and excess lyricism often regaled in popular music, Sweet Al writes from a mature heart about the elevation of other people and the elevation of the "common thread that binds us all together". According to Miller, "Any message we're bringing is just be good to yourself and be good to everybody around you and be kind."
Episode 13 is Sweet Al Miller.

You can learn more about Sweet Al Miller by visiting him on face book, visiting his band website and obviously by listing to him on KOMP at 92.3 fm.


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