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Episode 15: Bassist, Vocalist Wayne Carver

Wayne Carver

Wayne Carver is one of those "go-to-guys". When the need for solid bass players arises there's a short list in Vegas of those kind of guys, the kind who can learn a night's worth of tunes with little notice and knock it out of the park. Wayne is on that list. Quick study, hell of a player, sings his ass off and most importantly a great guy to hang out with. 
Wayne's "go-to" status was established early on as a young rocker in Louisville, Kentucky. His reputation kept him working in several touring bands in his formative years. As one touring band folded for whatever reason, another wasn't far behind and reached out to Wayne and off on the road he went for several years eventually landing in Las Vegas where he currently gigs when and where he can while juggling the responsibilities of being a dedicated dad and husband.
He's had dozen of interesting gigging experiences in Vegas and beyond. He's a solid rocker to the core and actually a fan of great music first, musician second. He is truly on the top of the list of "go-to-guys" for any gig under the sun requiring a rock-solid bass player with killer vocals. 
Ladies and Gents, Episode 15 is Wayne Carver.