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Episode 17: Singer, Entertainer, former 80's hair metal band front man Patrick Puffer

It's one thing to have a job you like; it sure beats the alternative. It's another thing though to do what you love as a job. Patrick Puffer is one of those lucky individuals who looks back on his career with a great big smile and looks forward with an even bigger smile for the stages yet to come.

When you look back to the 80s hair metal era, you might crack a smile and wonder what the hell we were all thinking. Big hair, tight clothes, all that androgyny and excess. Patrick Puffer gets a kick out of it as well but cracks wise with a fond sense of nostalgia and experience because he lived that life on stage, under the lights, on the road.

As lead singer and guitar player for the band Intimate Acts, Patrick toured the states throughout the 80's eventually landing in LA to seek his fame and fortune from catapult clubs like The Whiskey, Gazzarri's, and The Roxy. But like so many other artists of that time still adhering to the Winger, Poison and BonJovi schools of rock, the Nirvana bitch-slap came down hard on Patrick's band. On the verge, with record companies in the audience, contracts nearly in hand, Intimate Acts became just another casualty in the grunge wars of the late 80's.

But not one to sit idly by and wax poetic on glory days, Patrick re-invented himself for a new market: cruise ships. For over ten years Patrick performed on ships, first as part of a duo and then as a solo act, an act you can still see today here throughout Las Vegas, primarily at the Cannery Casino.

Incredibly likable, talented and happy, Patrick Puffer is episode 17.