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Episode 18: Guitarist, Songwriter Chris Fenimore

Cgris Fenimore

Chris Fenimore and Friends is a group of talented musicians and singers who perform occasionally throughout Las Vegas. The group is comprised mostly of buddies and fond acquaintances of the group's leader and namesake Chris Fenimore.  

Like many so inhabitants of Sin City Chris is a refugee of Southern California. He and his family moved to Vegas at the beginning of the new millennium to take advantage of the area's construction boom and affordable housing market at the time. A dedicated family man with a strong faith, Chris' dreams of performing full time as a musician have been put on the back burner more often than not in lieu of the "day gig" to support his family.

Musicians are cursed in way. The dream and the desire are strong. Haunting and perpetual is the need of the performer. Talent can reek havoc on a creative soul with no outlet, no stage. Fortunately Chris has a knack for pulling together the like-minded. His revolving cast of performers allows him get his fix. If he's not performing with his friends he is either worshiping with them or writing music with them.

If it's true that success is determined by the friends in your life, than Chris Fenimore is doing very well for himself. And what better friends can you have than ones you can perform with on some of the most fun stages in Las Vegas.

Episode 18 is Chris Femimore.


*Producer's Note: As I mentioned before, in addition to sharing personal stories with working performers I wanted to this use this forum, this podcast as an outlet for my comedic mind as well. I tend to go to the funny whenever possible. I love to laugh and make people laugh as anyone who has ever worked with me can attest. This episode contains a little skit that seems to bring tears to the eyes of those I've performed if for live so I hope it translates well just audio. Or mabe my my audiences were just being nice and it sucks. Either way there it is, at the break. Tell me what you think? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.