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Episode 19: Kimo Maiwela, Stunt Man, Bass Player, Surveillence

He's been beat up, run over, set on fire, attacked by ninjas, dissintergrated by flying orbs and killed in other ways more times than he can count. But these days, when Kimo Maiwela is not rocking out with his Las Vegas classic rock band Rock Karma, chances are good he might be watching your every move from a high-tech surveillence room.
As a kid in Oahu, Hawaii, Kimo started haunting the sets of the very iconic televison show Hawaii 5-0 with Jack lord and James MaCarthur. He matured as a stunt man learning how to take a puch, roll off a car and take full advantage of craft services. His stunt career spans several shows including Raven with Lee Majors, Jake and The Fat Man, and Magnum PI with Tom Selleck. His work is also highlighted in commercials and in the TV movie Escape From Atlantis with action/adventure star Jeff Speakman.
After moving to Las Vegas several years ago, he began working in casino security eventually rolling that job into a career in casino surveillience. Kimo currently works for Cesars Entertainment as a surveillence supervisor at the Paris Hotel and Casino.
Always a fan of music, Kimo also played bass in bands in Hawaii opening up for artists such as Bryan Adams and Ted Nugent. He currently performs part-time with his friends in Rock Karma at various venues around the Las Vegas Valley.
Mahalo, my friends, Episode 19 is Kimo Maiwela.