David Sean FarnhamGraphic Designer





· BA in Journalism, studied Advertising, Design, Multi-Media
· Seasoned Reporter, Photographer, Graphic Designer
· High Level Design Software and Computer Efficiency
· Producer and Host of Popular Entertainment Podcast
· Supervisory and Management Background
· Professional Keyboard/Piano Player and Entertainer


I currently work for MGM Resorts International as The Employee Engagement Manager for both the Luxor and Excalibur in Las Vegas. Previously I was the Communications Specialist for The Mirage. I also work freelance as a Photographer, Designer and Entertainer.

What I enjoy and excel at most is interacting with other like-minded creative people in open and progressive environments. Please follow these links to my Linkedin profile and My Portfollio and visit the Live Video section to see me performing live.


On Writing

Working as a newspaper reporter was especially rewarding because, like many creative fields, we relied on each other's unique talents to get the job done, often with outstanding results as when I won the 2003 Maine Press Associations Award for News Photography due in large part to a coworker's advice to cover a certain topic.

On Design

The thing you quickly realize about being a designer in a busy office is that the process is pretty cool to the onlooker, and with any luck, if they are creative as well, they will chime-in on the process in some way. More often than not some of my best work has resulted from the advice, critique or passing comment of a Looky-Lou.

On Photography

I excel as an event photographer because I love it so much. Many photographers shy away from weddings and events due to the stressful nature of the thing. If you're shooting a wedding or a corporate convention, the responsibility to capture imagery is a heavy burden. If you miss the placing of the ring, the toss of the bouquet or the first dance, sparks may fly. If the CEO is at the podium and you haven't enough flash cards in your pocket or your flash batteries are dead, your days in convention work might be over. I, however, love the stress of these environments. Bring it on, I say. Nothing shapes you better than stress and pressure. The feeling of not just rising but surpassing these challenges is like no other.

On Entertaining

I have been performing in various situations my entire adult life. My keyboards have been both surf boards and life rafts. They have taken me places I would never have been had I not the talent to make them sing. They have also seen me through emotional and financial rough patches more than once. The ability to sing and play music is truly a gift.


On Podcasting and New Media Marketing

I enjoy producing my show very much because it brings me closer to people and technology I admire and respect. In creative fields we seldom get a chance to learn about others. The task at hand is king and gets all the attention. But when you are able to sit undistracted and focus on an individual story you open doors in your own mind, you see yourself, your path and the future through another lens of possibilities. It's a very cool time to be alive. Technology allows us to communicate in ways we only dreamt of just a few years ago. The simple technology used to produce my podcast would have been considered space-age when I graduated college in 1999.

I see the immense potential in marketing with new media by developing an arsenal of tools like Podcasting, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and smart phones, by utilizing effective Site Engine Optimization and forging boldly through new technology. The combination and inclusion of these new mediums within market planning has grown from curiosity to necessity. I understand it, I use it, my finger is on the pulse of it and I am in awe of it's power and potential.